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Ways For Beginning Actors

Short Biography Of Dana Bashor Dana Bashor is a talented Los Angeles based actress who has acted in many films like The Zero Films, The Boonies and others. She was awarded Best Actress at the Mini New Filmmakers Awards for her film “Totally It”. However, behind this success story lies a long period of dedicated effort that started with her migration to the United States from Dublin at the age of 5. She was raised in Hollywood. Her ambition for becoming a successful actress inspired her to join the Drama Club at the age of 10 and to perform school plays at the local venue. Dana Bashor moved to New York after completing high school to fulfill her dream of pursuing an acting career and attended the New York Acting School. At the age of 19 she started doing modeling and commercials.

Occasionally she did jobs in theaters, and even hosted a few TV shows. Her performances at the Mini Film Theatre Society were highly appreciated, and she also did a drama serial on TV and a few music videos. Dana Bashor’s success story has many pointers towards what beginning actors should do in order to become successful. The following tips will help them. Helpful Tips for Beginning Actors

1. Join Acting School: Just as Dana Bashor joined acting school in order to learn the acting techniques, it is necessary for all aspiring actors to do the same and master it thoroughly. You can either join a class or work with a private tutor and learn different acting techniques including relaxation, sensory exercises and their applications in scene study and monologues.

2. Read A Lot: The more you read drama history, plays, theory and criticism, the better you will be able to understand pace, style and how to deconstruct a scene.

3. Learn From Actors: You can learn more from watching successful actors rather than from teachers, talent agents or casting associates who have nothing much to offer. Career studios are only money making machines and have very little to offer by way of acting techniques. It is best to avoid them.

4. Get A BFA Degree: Dana Bashor started off with drama in theaters and that is the best way to learn acting. You should pursue a BFA degree and apply for the best drama programs. You will learn acting techniques, drama theory and history. Casting directors and agencies are always on the lookout for actors who have intensive training and fine art degrees from the top programs. The BFA degree will also open up more avenues such as teaching, drama therapy and development, which can be as creative, remunerative and fulfilling as performing.

5. See Whatever You Can: The more you see start-up theaters, performances at Broadway, documentaries, short films, feature films, or whatever is successful at the Box Office, the better will be your critical eye. It is only by watching others that you will be able to improve your acting techniques. The other tips for getting into the film industry are the following: get a professional resume and your picture; attend as many interviews as possible, but choose the agents carefully; attend every audition that your agent fixes up for you; always consider failure as a stepping stone to success and don’t be afraid of it; and read the biographies of successful actors like Dana Bashor and see how they made it to the top of the entertainment industry.