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Choosing a Photo Booth Hire Company

Whether you’re in the process of planning an important corporate event, a charity event, a birthday party or your wedding day, using a photo booth hire company can add fun and entertainment to your event, making it an ideal solution to ensure your event stands out and your guests have a fun and enjoyable time.

One of the first things you want to look for when choosing a photo booth hire company from the selection that will be offering their services online is quality. You want a high quality service, a high quality photo booth and high quality prints. Choosing an inferior service is only going to ruin your experience on the day, something you have been working so hard to make perfect and enjoyable.

Service is also exceptionally important. Ensure the company you choose for your photo booth hire has a solid reputation and a reliable service. They should focus on providing you with superior levels of customer service and support. They should put one person in charge of your booking that will work with you, keep you updated and confirm the details to ensure that the booth is set up and ready to go when your party starts.

The company should have extensive experience in the photo booth industry. They should have a good portfolio of past clients and good online reviews. In addition to this, you want to ensure they have experience working at your particular type of event, whether it’s your wedding day or a corporate event for customers and colleagues.

It is very important that any photo booth hire company you choose will provide you with a photo booth attendant. The attendant should be on hand throughout the event and should be dressed as per your instructions. If it’s your wedding, you may want the attendant in a suit or if you’re planning a fancy dress party, you may want your attendant to dress up so they blend in with the rest of your guests and doesn’t look out of place. The attendant should also be experienced and able to handle any problems which may occur throughout the use of the booth. They should also be customer focused, ensuring they are polite and friendly to your guests at all time.

Always choose a company that will set up and take down the booth for you. This is exceptionally important and having the company handle this process for you ensures that everything will be up and running as your guests start to arrive.

Further, identify if the company provides social media connectivity. Some of the photo booths you can hire these days enables your guests to instantly upload their own pictures to their Facebook accounts. This has two benefits, the first is the guest can share their experience and the second, if you are a company and have chosen your branding as the back drop in the pictures, it’s free advertising to increase brand visibility online.

In addition to this, the photo booth hire company should provide you with a choice of booths to meet your particular event and requirements. They should be able to provide oval and rectangular booths and should be able to make recommendations based on the space you have available and the reason for your event.

If you are planning a corporate event, then try and get a photo booth hire company that will provide you with a green screen. A green screen enables you to select your own backdrop, so you can brand the back drop and use it as a unique marketing tool.

There are so many considerations when hiring a photo booth company. Before you make any final bookings, ensure there aren’t any hidden costs and that the company is insured to cater for your event.