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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Choosing a Photo Booth Hire Company

Whether you’re in the process of planning an important corporate event, a charity event, a birthday party or your wedding day, using a photo booth hire company can add fun and entertainment to your event, making it an ideal solution to ensure your event stands out and your guests have a fun and enjoyable time.

One of the first things you want to look for when choosing a photo booth hire company from the selection that will be offering their services online is quality. You want a high quality service, a high quality photo booth and high quality prints. Choosing an inferior service is only going to ruin your experience on the day, something you have been working so hard to make perfect and enjoyable.

Service is also exceptionally important. Ensure the company you choose for your photo booth hire has a solid reputation and a reliable service. They should focus on providing you with superior levels of customer service and support. They should put one person in charge of your booking that will work with you, keep you updated and confirm the details to ensure that the booth is set up and ready to go when your party starts.

The company should have extensive experience in the photo booth industry. They should have a good portfolio of past clients and good online reviews. In addition to this, you want to ensure they have experience working at your particular type of event, whether it’s your wedding day or a corporate event for customers and colleagues.

It is very important that any photo booth hire company you choose will provide you with a photo booth attendant. The attendant should be on hand throughout the event and should be dressed as per your instructions. If it’s your wedding, you may want the attendant in a suit or if you’re planning a fancy dress party, you may want your attendant to dress up so they blend in with the rest of your guests and doesn’t look out of place. The attendant should also be experienced and able to handle any problems which may occur throughout the use of the booth. They should also be customer focused, ensuring they are polite and friendly to your guests at all time.

Always choose a company that will set up and take down the booth for you. This is exceptionally important and having the company handle this process for you ensures that everything will be up and running as your guests start to arrive.

Further, identify if the company provides social media connectivity. Some of the photo booths you can hire these days enables your guests to instantly upload their own pictures to their Facebook accounts. This has two benefits, the first is the guest can share their experience and the second, if you are a company and have chosen your branding as the back drop in the pictures, it’s free advertising to increase brand visibility online.

In addition to this, the photo booth hire company should provide you with a choice of booths to meet your particular event and requirements. They should be able to provide oval and rectangular booths and should be able to make recommendations based on the space you have available and the reason for your event.

If you are planning a corporate event, then try and get a photo booth hire company that will provide you with a green screen. A green screen enables you to select your own backdrop, so you can brand the back drop and use it as a unique marketing tool.

There are so many considerations when hiring a photo booth company. Before you make any final bookings, ensure there aren’t any hidden costs and that the company is insured to cater for your event.

Ways of Capturing Moments in a Wedding

Each time a person celebrates, whether it’s a marriage or a bar mitzvah, he wishes to capture the moments in a camera. And it’s best to leave the work to the professionals, so a photographer is always summoned.

Coming to the wedding photographers, in Israel, wedding photographers are in great demand, specially Jerusalem wedding photographers and tel Aviv photographers. This is due the fact that the elaborate traditions and rituals are their in these marriage. So the photographer must know the right time to click pictures during the rituals. There are very few capable photographers for this job.

This Israel wedding photographer has been clicking excellent photos for a long time. One could check the portfolio on

Photography is not as easy, as it seems. The photographer has to wait for a long time to get a perfect shot. Along with it he should know the way of getting a good shot in the given light. Basically it’s all about patience. According many photographers’ personnel opinions, event photography in Israel is much more difficult than a modelling assignment.

Apart from his or her marriage, bar mitzvah is an important event in a person’s life. It marks the coming of age of the child. Earlier bar mitzvah use to be a low key event. But in the past decade, as the income of people has risen, people are willing to spend a good amount on a bar mitzvah ceremony. A good deal of money is spent on Israel bar mitzvah photographers. People generally could find the photographer at one place, whether you need an Israel wedding photographer or an Israel bar mitzvah photographer. Many photography firms are providing services of event photography in Israel at an affordable price. The number of such photography firms has risen considerably in the past decade. Now people have much more options as compared to before.

As earlier said, both Jerusalem wedding photographers and tel Aviv wedding photographers are very much in demand. Jerusalem and tel Aviv are two most important cities. Talking about the facts, Jerusalem is the oldest city of Israel and tel Aviv is the second most populous city of Israel. The number of weddings and bar mitzvah’s and other events happening over here are much more compared to any other city. So most of the photography firms have their base setup in these two companies. If one company is providing service in Jerusalem then it’s a high probability that it may be providing service in tel Aviv too.

Tips to Get a Legendary Family Portrait

A good family photograph can stay with you for many years to come. However, taking one isn’t easy as it requires the right photography skills, the right tools and the right setting. All those laughs, smiles and happy get-togethers can now be captured with just a button’s push. Family portraits are meant to offer a special perspective of your family to the person who is viewing it.

However, rarely do people know about the techniques which can give them creative photographs of their family. So, following are some good tips to help you get a good family photograph for yourself.

1. Plan out as how you will be posing for the photograph. Will it be a formal pose or will it be a casual one. Always make sure to assign the poses to people according to their age. Children who are too young to pose maturely should always make a pose that suits them. In case you have a newborn baby, then try to get the picture clicked before or after their nap time.

2. Try to ascertain as where the photo will be taken. This eventually helps to determine the kind and amount of lightening to be used for the family portrait. If the photo is being clicked indoors, then you might need reflectors and other artificial lighting arrangements according to the room. In case the photo is being clicked outdoors, then natural light might be sufficient.

3. The time of day is another important factor for clicking the perfect family photo. The availability of all family members and whether they’ll be able to take some time out for the photograph at that time of the day is extremely important. Also, in case you plan to take the photo outdoors, then the weather at that point of time in the day also plays a humungous role in the photo.

4. The clothes that the family members have decided to wear also play a crucial role. Portrait clothing should be homogenous. One must remember that it’s not an individual photograph, so one should dress him/herself accordingly so that the overall personality of the entire family looks attractive. Moreover, the clothing must be chosen according to the photo’ background.

5. One should also try to understand the reason behind getting a family portrait. Are you interested in getting one so as to commemorate a special occasion or do you feel like getting one for your family. This can eventually help to decide upon other factors, for instance if the portrait is commemorating an occasion, then everybody must dress accordingly for the event.

Always choose an experienced photographer who has captured such portraits before. Also remember to have fun while getting your family portrait because that’s the best way to give pleasing and natural expressions.

Types of Tripod Heads Used Professional Photography

Do you love photography? Almost all of us like to take pictures of different things; and with smart phones in our hands, it has become quite easy. However, if you aspire to become a professional photographer, you have to learn the nuances of photography as well as know how to operate different equipment to click perfect photographs. The basic requirement of any photograph is that it should be stabilized and blur-free. Tripods are used to capture such images that mostly include the shots of natural surroundings such as landscapes, natural architecture, group portraits, different animal motions and other special events known as panoramas. In low light conditions and to create imaginative effects, tripods serve as the best camera equipment. They are made up of 3 legs and a head to put a camera on it, so that the photographers can use it easily.

Tripod heads are very important component of the equipment as they allow the photographers to capture images from different angles and directions. Also, tripods are classified according to the type of their heads. Tripods having two way heads are the most basic type that let you move the camera up and down, and left and right with ease. A three way headed tripod also lets you flip the camera to one side or the other, but it becomes more handy when you want to capture an image from a horizontal frame to a vertical frame. This feature of the three way tripod helps you to shoot better videos of an event.

In technical terms, tripod heads are divided into two categories namely ball heads and pan heads. Ball head allows the swift movement of the camera in all the directions and can handle all kinds of cameras and lenses including the heaviest ones. On the other hand, the pan heads are used to tilt the camera on the tripod in the left/right and up/down positions by unlocking and adjusting the levers present in them. Ball heads are quite useful to capture animal movements where the animals are moving very fast and it would be difficult to shoot them if you spend time in unlocking and adjusting the levers of a pan head camera.

If you are really interested in professional photography and need different kinds of equipment to learn it in a better way, you can find them online. Many companies are providing various photography products on their websites.